We’ve had a fantastic time working at THEATRE IS… and we’re so thankful to everyone whose joined us in our journey. If you’d like to say thank you, share a story or say goodbye to us we’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below, and take some time to read the comments left by others.

Theatre Is... helped me to find direction in life, when I had a vision but did not know where to go with it they completely transformed my life. I'm eternally grateful to Theatre Is... Seeing this amazing company closing up shop is sad but they had a great run. I was blessed to meet some wonderful people, learn some lifelong lessons and grow into a better person. Theatre Is... Thank you.


I went to the very first It's our Theatre in Thurrock and it was my first Street Dance class and it has catapulted me into who I am today. From it's our Theatre I have now been: Dancing for 4 years, Competed in competitions as a crew and as a soloist and won, featured on Ashely Banjo's Secret Street Crew, I now teach Hip Hop to teenagers, I am a qualified Exercise to Music and StreetFit instructor allowing me to teach in gyms. And all because of It's our Theatre and Theatre is...THANK YOU!

Aaron Thompson

I owe Theatre Is and all of the professionals that have helped me develop and grow into the artist that I am today a BIG thank you. I'm sure I speak on the behalf for all the young people you have helped when I say we wouldn't have discovered the depth of our talents if it were not for all the work you put into boosting our self esteem and confidence to strive for our goals and desires. For that we remain eternally grateful and who knows, maybe in the future another group will arise and continue the Theatre Is legacy for the future generation.

Eugene EVO Mandiyanike


How sad. The confidence that these children gained was amazing. My daughter was at her most happiest attending these workshops and gained her Silver Arts Award which she is extremely proud of. Wil miss all of you especially Lasana.

Sally Tshabalala

Certainly a year I'll remember. A privilege to work alongside some amazingly talented people


So sad you have to close. I won't forget the great work you did with our school and for giving me the chance to sing solo for our slam night. I was proud to perform at the cruise terminal in tilbury too.


So sad guys it's closing down I've been working with the company for a long time I'm gonna miss the help and support from everyone keep in contact guys email me thanks miss you guys xx

Rebecca griffiths

Theatre Is... took me on straight out of uni, gave me a voluntary role, and then a chance to work part time. I learnt so much and am really grateful to have been given that chance which has helped me in my career. Not many places would do that and I'm really sad to hear the news.

Rachel Lawrence

Thank you for a great time, it is a shame, especially after all of the great work we did here in Thurrock.

I will remember organising and running Totally Tilbury for the rest of my life.

Jen Farrant

Jen Farrant

I was proud to be associated with such a great project, and to witness the wonderful work produced by the young people involved.


Thank you for all your efforts in Luton. It was great working with you especially on Its Our Luton and the find your talent workshop programme with local 16 year olds as part of the National Citizens' Service, Take the Leap project

Fahim Qureshi

Hi as the old arts officer in East Herts I was saddened to hear about this. Best wishes to all, Steve

Steve Wilson

I am sorry to hear you guys are winding up but I can completely empathise, as a theatre company director myself I know only too well how hard things are. Much respect for your work and the very best of luck with whatever you are going to do next!

Paul Bamlett

My partner worked at Theatre Is... a few years ago now and loved the job. It is/was a really incredible company that really changed the lives of the young people involved, as many of the comments below are testimony to. There is still such a lack of arts provision in the East of England and, with the exit of Theatre Is..., this lack will be even more keenly felt. Good luck to Stuart and to the rest of the Theatre Is... team!

Kane Moore (Battersea Arts Centre)

So sorry to hear about this - such excellent work. But as those who have posted previously, many lives have been changed and many seeds have been sown. Best wishes to everyone at Theatre Is - and good luck for your future work that I know will be equally as great.

Katharine Ford and everyone at Hangar Arts Trust

Its the starfish theory...Even though you've not been able to continue impacting young people in the field. Theatre is ... made a difference to one young person and then another and now thousands. The crux of the issue is the programme made a difference. Although its devastating to see yet another brilliant initiative feel the funding pinch. Its a major point of celebration to witness the young people who have been empowered, educated and prepared to engage in a brighter future via the arts. Well done!


Great to be a part off the movement, I learnt alot of very useful information on the courses I attended, the agenda was pure, the people uplifting!. what can I say, THEATRE IS...GREAT.

jesse-jay wright

"Money makes the world go around" Which is sad, because really art, music, literature, performance etc are the only things that really touch us, inspires us and sooths our souls. Yet it is money that has the last word. Very sad. But, Theatre Is has done great work and inspired many and the energy will move on and do good forever. (Hector would have been well miffed though, especially if it was because of cuts in government grants!)

The Stringer Family

Very sad to see it go. But the seeds it has planted will grow.

Gerry Smith

Congratulations to all who have been involved with THEATRE IS. You have done some great projects and your website, skills sharing and professional generosity have inspired lots of us beyond your region. Thank you. Norfolk Drama Network

Joc Mack

As one of the original workshop leaders/artist of Its our theatre and Performer of Epiphany I am deeply saddened that its the end of Theatre is....but it seems its the start of something awesome and good as many young people got inspired and felt they gained knowledge during our time visiting all these schools and places around UK. Keep it up if you one of these people we met and keep being inspired in life. x


This company gave me as a workshop leader and practitioner in Songwriting skills that I would not have possessed if I had not worked with them. Countless workshops revealing wonderful and challenging stories from within some of the most difficult and challenging areas of the South and East of England. I truly respect the work I was involved in with this company and hope that those that participated feel the legacy left gives bold ambitions to take themselves forward as young motivated lights of truth to carry the good word of the creative art forms they themselves found in the few days we would come together writing, dancing laughing and Inspiring. Always a journey and in life many more of them to come, be the change and be the difference to someone else's lives.

David Sanderson

I've seen lives changed through the work of THEATRE IS... and I've found great inspiration from listening to the voices and opinions of the young people we have worked with. I hope that the lasting impact of these projects will go on for many years to come.


As a former trustee I was so sad to hear this news. I do hope everyone who's been involved in Theatre is... in whatever capacity, goes on to achieve even greater things. I'm sure you all will!

Justine de Mierre